International Career Advancement Program

The International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) brings together a small group of mid-career professionals from underrepresented groups with senior officials and policy-makers to spend one week discussing:

  • Major international issues to be faced over the next decade
  • Credentials and experiences normally sought for senior appointments
  • Common career patterns of those achieving senior positions
  • Particular obstacles faced by minorities seeking advancement and how to overcome them
  • Programs or policies designed to increase diversity at senior levels

The Fetzer Institute The Ford Foundation United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation
University of Denver The Aspen Institute

"ICAP was intellectually and spiritually stimulating. I feel rejuvenated to give my best as a relief and development worker and to motivate others to work in the field of international affairs."
Official with CARE
"ICAP gave me tools, strategies and a support network to combat discrimination and develop my career."
Official with AED
"ICAP has been a watershed week for me. I leave feeling empowered, hopeful for the future and confident."
Foreign Service Officer
"ICAP has strengthened my leadership skills and provided me with the strength, the guidance and the tools to continue facing career challenges. "
Official with the Inter-American Foundation
"The week in Aspen was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has already changed my life and outlook."
Foreign Service Officer
"This was one of the best experiences of my professional life. For me, ICAP came at a perfect time."
Official with Catholic Relief Services
"This program has initiated the creation of a network of leaders that may change the face--both literally and figuratively--of the nation’s governance structure."
Official with a major aerospace and defense company
"ICAP was one of my most rewarding professional development experiences."
Official with the Defense Intelligence Agency
"This was an extremely valuable experience. The beautiful setting and rich programs allowed us to bloom and thrive."
Official with the World Bank